Honor TV competing for Xiaomi TVs.

        China's leading smartphone brand Huawei's Honor is set to launch TVs into the Indian market. Recently at the Indian Mobile Congress, Vision has put smart TVs on display. Huawei is expected to bring the TV to the market as the main target of the smart TVs of Shawomi, TCS and Motorola. Those are the TV features, design and other details

        The smart TV will have a 55-inch display. Its thickness is 6.9 millimeters. The screen to body ratio is 94%. It supports a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees while supporting 4K HD resolution. The screen is 3840x2160 pixels. The NTSS features 87 percent color gamut, 16: 9 aspect ratio, 60 Hertz refresh rate, 400 nits brightness and 178 degree viewing angles.

       Honor Vision TVs are coming in two models. There are some differences in the specifications of these two models under the name Vision and Vision Pro. There are only 10W speakers in the Vision Variant, while the Vision Pro variant offers 6 speakers. Also provided with a popup camera exclusively on Vision Pro. The Vision model does not have this popup camera feature.

        The main feature of the Honor Vision Pro Smart TV is its popup camera. Users can make video calls with this help. According to the company, both the caller and the receiver should have an app that can be used for video chats on both smart phones. This means that you can make a video call through this TV if this app is available. Otherwise not.

         These Honor TVs will work on the newest operating system, the Harmony Operating System. This operating system is mainly focused on integrating Honor Handsets, TVs and other products related to the same company. It is mainly focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). Huawei made this operating system available on August 9 this year. These Honor TVs were the first devices released on this operating system.

       When it comes to sound .. These speakers are provided with a 6 inch long 10 watt speaker on the bottom to give users an excellent sound experience. These TVs support MP3, AAC, AC3, Dolby and DTS audio formats. It offers three HDMI ports for connectivity. There is also a US Bee Port. WiFi can also be connected to the TV.

       As for the rest of the features, it offers a quad-core HONG818 processor. There is also a Mali Ji 51GB graphic processor. TV RAM is 2GB. It also has 16GB internal storage capacity. It also features a screen mirroring feature. This means that the content on your smart phones and tablets can be played on your TV using this feature.

      Honor has already announced that it is in talks with some companies for exclusive content related to India. However, it is not known what those institutions are. The TV measures 71.73 centimeters tall, 123.2 centimeters wide and 6.36 centimeters thick. It weighs 19 kg. Using the stand, its height will be 78.23 centimeters and the weight will rise to 19.7 kg. There are no changes in width and thickness.

       Since the company has announced that it will also offer Honor TVs in the price range of Shawomi TVs .. These prices can range from Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000. The Honor Company has already announced that these TVs will enter the Indian market in the first quarter of next year. This means that the TVs will enter the Indian market between January and March. If you want to know if these TVs will compete with Shaomi TVs or Govindalla in the crowd then wait till then!

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