Google 'Seamless Updates' Makes Mandatory Support on Android 11 Devices

Google appears to have made it required for cell phone sellers to help "consistent updates" on all gadgets running Android 11 out-of-the-case. The new change would help clients as the updates — including security patches and new programming renditions — will get introduced out of sight, consistently after empowering the crisp help. Despite the fact that the Android producer hasn't yet reported any subtleties, it is found to have changed its Vendor Test Suite (VTS) to check for gadgets running Android 11 and later incorporate help for virtual A/B segment structures. This is required to empower consistent updates on gadgets. 

The nearness of virtual A/B parcel will be required to pass the VTS and get support for preloaded Google applications, as featured by a focus on the AOSP Gerrit, which has been spotted by XDA Developers. The submit peruses, "Require Virtual A/B on R dispatches." This shows the Android group at Google has made it compulsory for Android sellers to have the virtual A/B parcel structure set up to pass the VTS. 

The virtual A/B parcel structure empowers space for putting away a reinforcement framework picture while downloading an update. This assists with getting moved back to the past programming rendition on the off chance that the new update gets neglected to introduce on the equipment or if the update procedure turns out badly. 

Be that as it may, the most progressive and significant utilization of the virtual A/B segment is to empower consistent updates on gadgets that can be introduced out of sight. This is not normal for the customary updates that expect clients to put their telephones inactive to introduce the new programming bundle. 

Google carried the idea of consistent updates to Android in 2016. "Whenever a client controls up their gadget, new gadgets can naturally and flawlessly switch into the new refreshed framework picture," Dave Burke, VP of Engineering, Android, had said in a keynote at I/O 2016 while clarifying the consistent update process. The element was acquired from Chrome OS. 

Android Nougat likewise empowered consistent reports on new Nexus gadgets. In any case, as of not long ago, Google hasn't made it compulsory for cell phone organizations to give the new experience to every one of their clients. The Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Android gadgets suggests A/B parcels, however. 

Producers, for example, HTC, LG, OnePlus, and Sony do have the A/B segment structure on their gadgets to empower consistent updates. You can likewise see its essence on Google Nexus and Pixel gadgets. In any case, in any case, organizations, for example, Huawei and Samsung haven't gave the progressed — and accommodation — highlight even on their leaders. 

Google's most recent move would, in any case, push all unique gear producers (OEMs) to offer consistent updates highlight on their gadgets running Android 11. 

Accurate discharge date of Android 11 hasn't been uncovered up until this point. In any case, Google has just given its designer review works to starting testing. The update is probably going to be accessible to the open at some point around September this year.

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